Snow Report 12.10.19

This weekend was a bit of a tease with over a foot of snow predicted in the forecast which transpired into about 6 inches over the course of the weekend. However, there were plenty of good turns to be had!

Sunday brought a full range of weather from sun, to rain to snow and about 4 inches accumulated right as lifts were shutting down. This combined with the new terrain opened made for a very good Monday morning!

Shadows and Closets opened up and were skiing GREAT until about noon when they started to get tracked out.

We are looking forward to Elkhead opening up as it will eliminate the need to traverse across the cat track when skiing on High Noon, One O’Clock and Two O’Clock.

Buddy’s Run is half open right now and we predict the rest to open soon as the resort has been blowing lots of snow on the lower half this last week.

Backcountry is highly dangerous right now! Snowpack is very prone to slide right now due to the freezing temps and snow that we had in October. With only a few feet of snow on the ground, all slides are going straight to the ground and pulling up many rocks and debris with them which is highly dangerous and often fatal to be caught in. When skiing in the backcountry be highly cautious.

Looking further into this week it looks like we have some more snow coming our way with a small storm on Wednesday and then a larger storm, bringing an estimated 10 inches, on Friday and Saturday.

Be safe and have fun out there!

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