February 6th Snow Report

The storm we were all eagerly awaiting seems to be coming a little late. Over the weekend we saw a few inches here and there, with the best day being Saturday which was surprisingly soft in the trees. Snow amounts daily were low, but every flake helps! During the day on Monday we saw bursts of snow, amounting to only about an inch or so, and on Tuesday we saw a full range of weather from snow, to hail to sunshine. Tuesday visibility was very low, so we went straight for the trees, finding the best stashes in the 1:30 trees, Broadway trees and the trees near Buddy's run, just be aware that conditions are still very early-season like, meaning there are still rocks, stumps, creeks and other variables that can sneak up on you! 

Many cliffs that are normally good to go around this time of year are not even near seeing enough coverage so keep that mind as you approach cliffs and other features that you may normally pop off of. 

Just remember there are always stashes to be had, and keep doing your snow dances!  Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter... it's not over yet!!

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