February 13th Snow Report

We are finally seeing some real snow! It started to come down on Monday afternoon which softened up the mountain quite a bit for late-goers. While we were out on Monday we saw an accumulation of about 3 inches, which made for some soft laps over on Sunny Side which had almost completely cleared out by 1 in the afternoon. We kept seeing snow come down throughout the afternoon and evening which left us with high hopes for the next morning.

And Mother Nature did not disappoint! Monday morning brought with it about a foot of fresh snow!
We could really feel the difference between the snow that fell over the night, which was more dense and wet, and the super light fluffy stuff that fell early in the morning. Lines were long with everyone eager to get some of the fresh snow, however if you chose to take Christie to Thunderhead, and avoided the Gondola it was a quick trip up to get some of the untouched lines! Looking ahead we should see more snow on Wednesday night and flakes should fall all day on Thursday with snow tapering off on Thursday evening. We're looking at getting about 5-10 inches total with the softest turns on Thursday.
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