Blackmere Trail Report

One of the most popular hiking trails on Emerald mountain, Blackmere trail is a fun, winding, multi-use trail that leads up to the quarry where you can find stunning views. The trail can become quite crowded on the weekends however, on week days there is easy parking and less people on the trail. On the ski up there are lots of friendly people and puppies playing. There are bikers, skiers, hikers, runners, and even some sledders on the trail so be aware of the other people using the trail and be respectful of the rules!

We met a gentlemen on Blackmere trail who rented some skis from Straightline to spend the day out on Emerald. Cross country skiing is a wonderful way to get some exercise and enjoy the winter weather away from the resort. With the recent cold temperatures we've had, we recommend wearing plenty of layers as the hike up can get rather warm while hiking.

If you are interested in renting skis or learning more about the trail systems in Steamboat, please contact us!

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