The Fly Report: July 16th

Due to minimal water flow and high temperatures, Colorado Parks and Wildlife has initiated a voluntary fishing closure on the Yampa River between the Chuck Lewis State Wildlife Area and the western edge of Steamboat Springs. Trout are cold-water fish that have evolved to function best in 50-60 degree waters. When temperatures exceed 70 degrees, they often stop feeding and become more susceptible to disease. The closure was made in order to reduce the stress on the fish and other wildlife in the area.\

Where you can fish, it has been great!

The Elk River, a tributary of the Yampa has been fishing well. Rainbow, Brown, Cutthroat and Brook Trout live here, as well as the Rocky Mountain Whitefish. Sarvis is also in play and fishing well.

Hot Flies: Tricos, Hoppers, Red Quills, Caddis, Blue Wings, Worms, Leeches and Streamers.

If you are looking for a great high mountain experience take a drive up to the flattops. The temperatures are cooler and the fish are still hungry. The Colorado River (near State Bridge) is also fishing quite well however we recommend watching water temperatures and practicing ethical fishing by getting off the water early. The trout of the Upper C are a hardy bunch and have seen these conditions before but lets work together and keep pressure off the river during hot days.

We recently took a trip down to Flaming Gorge and the Green River in Utah and were surprised to see the lake is the highest it’s been in awhile. The best dry fly fishing was in the last two miles of A section and the top 5 miles of B section. Zebra midges, WD40’s and small gray soft hackles are great imitations behind an attractor. Caddis and Yellow Sally patterns are working well.

It is important to remember to respect and conserve the river as much as possible right now. Please stay aware of closures and regulations that are in effect currently.

Tight lines and happy fishing!
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