The Fly Report: August 24th

The fishing is awesome right now. The rain and cool temperatures are definitely something that we needed to see. Stagecoach is now releasing 70 cfs (Cubic Feet Per Second) last week it was releasing 125 but the river is staying at around 120 because of the rain.

The fishing in the morning has been great, however Parks and Wildlife recommends leaving the river by 2pm although you can return later in the evening around 7pm. This is because of the temperature increase midday.
The fish are still a little stressed, so we recommend you take the time to revive them and try to get them back in the water as quick as possible. The morning hatches have consisted of Tricos which come off in mass. The nymphs are little black nymphs and the adults are also black. A few Caddis are sticking around as well. Grasshoppers in the late afternoon have been good, and we’ve been throwing a lot of ants, beetles and terrestrial type stuff on the surface. They will also eat a leech (black or olive).
We are seeing the same hatches on the Elk, small mayflies, caddis and terrestrials.
The high mountain lakes are fishing great right now. Check out some of the still water in the Flat Tops like Bear Reservoir or head north up to Hahns Peak Lake or Pearl Lake.

The tailwaters are fishing well right now with Blue Wings or Small Midges. Sarvis Creek is a good option as well using Tricos and Blue Wings. Overall, water temps are right where we want them and has made for some great fishing!

Tight Lines!

Written by Rich Evans

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