Ice Fishing In Colorado

When the mountains are snow-capped and the lakes are hard with ice, it is time to explore the adventure of Colorado ice fishing! Straightline offers guided ice fishing trips for the entire family! Experience the excitement of watching a fish slurp up your line, and then setting your hook! Catch fish, relax in the sunshine and watch the bald eagles soar overhead. It really is a unique and incredibly fun experience for all ages and skill levels! 

Warm clothes are all you need to start making memories with your family out on the ice. On the first trip, the kids may enjoy sliding across the ice and tossing snowballs as much as they enjoy fishing. That's great and is one of the reasons ice fishing is so fun, but wait until they reel their first fish in  and then see their eyes light up. That's where the fun really starts. Some of the largest pike are caught during the winter months! Our guides can recommend some recipes for your fish fry that night!

Straightline guides have long been framed for their versatility. They can guide through wilderness, teach nature skills, build a fire in a blizzard, ensure their client's safety, and they have lots of great stories! 

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