Fly Report: June 20th

Fishing in the lakes and reservoirs has slowed down a bit due to warmer water, but is still good early in the day and late with leeches caddis and midges. Yampa and Elk rivers are fishing extremely well from early in the morning to late afternoon. Seems to be a lull in the action during peak heat of the day due to water temperatures rising into the high 50's and even low 60's.

Streamer fishing is good early and late, but slow throughout the hatch-heavy portion of mid day. Hatches consist of sporadic caddis all day (in sizes 14 to 18), pale morning duns (in sizes 16 and 18) starting at around nine in the morning and lasting throughout the day depending on sun conditions. Yellow Sally’s (in sizes 14 to 18) are starting mid morning and lasting throughout the day depending on sun conditions. There are still some drakes hatching in some of the creeks and upper portions of the Yampa and Elk, so large mayfly imitations might still move some fish. Below the confluence of the elk River, large stonefly dries are starting to fish well, and hoppers are just around the corner.

On all moving water the fish have moved into the riffles and fast runs to feed, so don’t be afraid of shallow nymphing the fast stuff. Subsurface favorites are PMD emergers, caddis pupa, bwo emergers, and sally nymphs. The highwater bacon and eggs and rubber legs days are over, and scaling down tackle and fly size has been outproducing throwing junk. On the surface searching patterns include caddis, sallys, and other stones, while actively working fish can be sniped with PMD dries.

Tight lines and fish the riffles!

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