Fishing Report for 8.06.21 - Written by Scott Norris

With the recent rain that the valley received, the river flow has increased from 40 CFS to 100 CFS and as a result fishing has really picked up and the conditions have improved. Unfortunately, the river is not yet open, but if we continue to get consistent rain and experience some cooler days we feel optimistic about the river potentially opening back up soon for anglers.

River closures include the tailwaters of Stagecoach Reservoir, Yampa through town, and Chuck Lewis. This is due to low water levels and high water temperatures. We recommend checking out Steamboat Lake and Pearl Lake. Lately it’s been fishing really well and we’ve had a lot of luck out there.

Today is Friday, August 6, 2021. We are currently experiencing mixed clouds and sun this morning with scattered thunderstorms developing this afternoon. Today the high temperature is  79F with a 50 percent chance of rain.

Thanks for reading!
Scott Norris

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