Fishing Report for 7.7.21 - Written by Patrick Gamble

The conditions of the waters in the Yampa Valley are subject to change day to day and we are currently monitoring the conditions. We will keep everyone updated as the announcements come in.

The Yampa and Elk are both in midsummer form with fish eagerly eating hoppers and other terrestrials while still capitalizing on the spattering of hatches we are seeing. There are still some early summer Pale Morning Duns and Yellow Sallies hatching. Caddis are coming off in good numbers as well.

Even where fish are not actively rising, these three flies have been presenting  well in likely holding water have fooled many fish lately. The Hopper Dropper is another rig for the flows and condition of the rivers right now. Chubby Chernobyl’s have been working well as a lead dry as the Golden Stones are getting active throughout the watershed. It’s a good idea to be prepared and have a few Tricos on hand as well.

Mornings are most advised as the best time to get out on the water and we encourage anglers to be off the water before temperatures rise and warm too much. We are all optimistic and hopeful that we continue to get rain throughout the rest of summer. The Yampa is already seeing August-like flows and water temperatures. We need good, steady rainfall to keep our fish happy! With that said, please be considerate of the fish by coming off the water early and reducing handling time when releasing fish. Get out for the morning bite if you’re going to fish the Yampa, as water temperatures don’t cool until late at night. Hoot owl rules are advised from 2AM to 12PM.

It’s a great time and excuse to explore new water given the sustained warmer water temps and low flows on the Yampa. The valley has numerous opportunities for moving and stillwater in the high country. The crew at the Straightline shop is happy to help navigate worthwhile spots to hike to and fish, and what kind of flies those trout take! Swing on by, we look forward to having you in the store!

Thanks for reading! 
Patrick Gamble

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