Fishing Report for 5.12.21 - Written by Spencer Schlegel

Spring is the best time to fish the lakes in the Yampa Valley area. The reservoirs are beginning to ice off and some of them have mostly iced off and the fish are starting to move to shallowers water where there is lots of feed.

Tailwaters Sarvis Creek Area Below Stagecoach Reservoir

The fishing in this area has been great and we’ve had a lot of success since the reservoir has iced off.

Flies to Use: 

We recommend mainly using BWO’s and midge flies. We’ve been using zebras, midges, tailwater assassins, TW tinies, WD-40s, scuds, and bacon and eggs. We also recommend dry flies and BWO’s. 

Elk River 

The water conditions are pretty high resulting in off-coloring. We recommend sticking to nymphing and streamering. 

Flies to Use for Patterns:

We recommend using nymphing hatch, rubber copper johns, prince nymphs, bacon and eggs, leeches, and crawdads. For your streamers we recommend using your sparkle minnows and leeches. 

Yampa River 

The flows of the water are increasing some days and decreasing other days. We’ve observed that the water clarity is blown most days and can really depend on the weather. 

Flies to Use: 

We recommend using stoneflies, worms, eggs, leeches, midges, and BWO’s. For your streamers you want to use sculpins, sparkle minnows, and woolly buggers. 

Overall Conditions:

Weather forecast through the next week is an average high of mid to upper 60’s and a low of high 30’s with a mixture of cloudy and sunny weather.

Most of our area in the Yampa Valley is melting and the waters are starting to rise. The lakes and reservoirs are starting to ice off, which now is a great time to get out there. The fish are generally happy this time of year because they have lots of food sources and the fish are spawning. Sometime soon we should be coming into a high water Yampa flow through town, but we don’t expect it to peak like usual years. The fishing is good, snow is melting, and the rivers are high!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your time out there! 



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