Fishing Report for 2.4.21 - Written by John Almen

What a week it's turning out to be! Yesterday was 45°F and now the Steamboat area is about to get 30-inches of snow.

The snow forecast looks great, but we wish we had better news for this week’s fishing report. Because it was so warm this week and last, the ice conditions are fairly poor. If you do choose to go out on the ice, please be cautious and go to areas where other people have fished, otherwise you’re going to be dealing with four to five inches of slush and dangerous conditions.

The only area worth ice fishing at would be the Delaney Butte Lakes over Rabbit Ears Pass towards Walden. Our crew fished there last weekend and the ice is thick and clear. The only drawback was that the fish weren't biting what we were throwing them.

The best place to fish right now is the Yampa through town. The ice shelves along the river have significantly melted, opening up a nice section of water. And with this big storm coming in, we expect the water levels will rise. Some more great options for fly fishing are the Stagecoach Tailwaters and streamers. Stick to your standards, like the zebra midge and skinny nelson.

Straightline is wide open for guided tours but our ice fishing guided tours might be held off until temperatures go down.

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

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