Fishing Report 6.22.20 - Written by Patrick Gamble

Run-off and days of staring at indicators and throwing meat are over!

We are past our peak flows. A variety of hatches, ideal flows, and good water clarity means that the fish are looking up!

Pale Morning Duns (PMDs) have been very steady midmorning with Yellow Sallies throughout the day as well as caddis later into the evenings.


A Barr's Visadun PMD or a headlight Sallie have been great midday dry flies. A size 16 elk hair with a rusty spinner trailing behind has been a fantastic evening combo.

If you aren't finding rising fish, try a dry dropper as many are still feeding mid-water column and will take nymphs readily.

Streamer fishing will continue to produce eats, although consider downsizing to zonkers and buggers rather than large articulated streamers.

We are hoping for chilly nights and cloud cover to keep some of our snowpack, although the high country is melting fast. It's a good time to start hiking around and fishing alpine lakes and streams.

Swing by the shop, we'll be happy to get you what you need for an awesome time on the water! It's a great time of year to fish in the valley!

-Written by Patrick Gamble

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