Fishing Report 12.5.20 - Written By Patrick Gamble

Conditions of winter have been slow to set in. Lucky for us, the rivers are still fishable and worth going out. Lately it hasn’t been crowded and it’s a great opportunity for solitude. There’s been real quality fish coming out of the river as well. The recent closure of the river allowed the brown trout to rest and spawn, resulting in the fish to be active during the daytime. Right now the super midge and RS-2 flies have been working really well. It’s helpful to have a patch overlay that will anchor the rig with a smaller offering behind it.


Our Straightline private waters in the Yampa Valley are still in great condition. We will be having guided trips throughout the winter so make sure to call us to book your trip.

If you’re going out on your own, there’s no need to be up at the crack of dawn this time of year. We recommend getting out on the water around 10AM or later at the warmest time of day when the sun is directly overhead. This makes it so more food is on the water and the fish are actively searching for a bite. Between noon and 3PM, slush flow may occur, which will make it more difficult to have a clean drift however it’s still fishable. Did you know fish can see color? This is a helpful fact because it’s important to distinguish the bite from the ice. Bacon and eggs are great for this.

As for ice fishing, we’re already seeing people go out on Casey’s Pond. It’s going to be a few more weeks until it’s safe to go out on the larger bodies of water like Steamboat Lake, Pearl Lake, and Stagecoach Reservoir. We encourage everyone to wait until the shelf and bank ice is formed and six inches thick. The smaller natural lakes are safe to go out on if the ice is four inches. To check the ice, drill a hole near the shore where it’s shallow.

We’re not seeing snow in the weather forecast for the next two weeks so it’s a great time to go out and fish. We’ve adjusted shop hours for the busy winter season. Come stop by and say hi!

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