Fishing Report 12.29.20 - Written by John Almen

Heads up! The road to the tailwaters in Steamboat will be closing January 1st 2021 through April 1st, 2021. You can still fish the tailwaters but you will either have to hike or snowmobile the 1.75 miles to get there.

Our team checked out Stagecoach over the weekend and we’re seeing is about 6 inches of ice. We want to caution everyone to be careful going out there because there are still transitions occurring between the ice and certain spots can be hazardous. Go at your own risk and always check the thickness of the ice with a tool. We also want to emphasize to not venture out to areas you are not familiar with. Safety first!

We had a great time at Stagecoach over the holiday weekend. The fish were hungry for powerbait dough and we had a decent amount of bites in the morning at around 10 to 15 feet. Later in the day as the sun retreated, we moved to 20 to 25 feet and saw the most action at the 20 foot mark.

We’re excited that we will soon be able to venture out onto the ice. We estimate that our guided tours will begin early to mid-January. At this point it really depends on how much snow Routt County gets because that can accumulate on the surface of the ice and ultimately slow down its formation. We will wait to guide until we have a safe 10 inches of ice.

A friendly reminder that Straightline has plenty of ice fishing gear in stock. Stop in to say hello!

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