Fishing Report 12.18.20 - Written by Spencer Schlegel

Due to weather fluctuations, the current fishing conditions in Routt County are considerably good. It shouldn’t be difficult to find a nice day next week to go out on the water from what we’re seeing in the weather forecast. Keep in mind that you’re not moving around much while fishing and you can easily get cold. So we want to emphasize finding a nice day with warmer temperatures for the best experience.

The Yampa through town is open but it does freeze over on colder days. And on warmer days that ice breaks off into chunks, which evidently makes it more difficult to get a clean line through the water. The tailwaters are open until January 1st with more stable conditions.  

With the cold flow going through town, fish are getting lethargic and eating smaller flies. Fish are dropping back into slower moving water, which is usually deeper pools and breaks in the  current. In colder temperatures fish act lazy and it takes a little more finesse to get a fish to take the bite. Be more precise where you’re throwing the fly and aim right in front of their face. Streamer fishing this time of year is also phenomenal. Cast your line from the bank and feel for that strike. 

Midge hatches are the most reliable food source this time of year. So we recommend using a bobber for the subsurface and then rigging a medium size fly like an egg worm or stonefly to draw them in. Then below that use a midge or RS2. 

Ice fishing conditions will improve in the next two weeks, so just be patient. We can’t wait to get out there! 

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