Fishing Report 12.05.19 – Written by Rich Evans

There are a few things to note about fly fishing in the winter. Obviously, the change in weather comes into play, but winter is still a great time to do some fishing. Some locations have fairly consistent conditions that allow for an ideal habitat and some great fishing. Whispering Willows, where a private stretch about a mile long of the Yampa River runs through, is a year-round favorite for many. Its section of the river is home to wild Rainbow and Brown Trout and is great for anglers of all abilities. The Angling News board at Straightline Sports is a great resource for different conditions and recommendations of nearby fishing areas.

In the winter, you don’t want to be out too early. Fish get more active in the afternoon hours so you’re looking for that 11am to 4pm bite. When you’re out there, you’re also looking for what we like to call that subtle winter bite. In the summertime, the fish are more active when eating and your indicator show this with a lot more movement. In the winter, be aware of very subtle takes. Your indicator may just twist or start to sink because the fish don’t want to move as much to eat. Set the hook on any difference on your indicator so you can pick up on these subtle movements.

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