Fishing Report 11.20.19 - Written by Spencer Schlegel

On a recent trip out to the Tailwaters, we did really well using a pheasant tail soft hackle fly. The soft hackle adds movement to the fly allowing it to be fished on the swing as well as dead drifted. Anything small and brown such as a zebra midge or RS2 fly is good for fishing right now. Plus, fishing at the Tailwaters is great because the dam keeps the flow and water temperature consistent for a large portion of the year. It’s a great habitat for trout. The cold water coming from the dam helps keep nutrients flowing to the fish.

At this time of year, fishing is best when temperatures start to warm up for the day, around 11am. There isn’t a rush to get out there too early these days. As the water warms up, the fish are less lethargic.

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