Fall Fishing Is Here!

The summer lull is over and fall fishing is here with the rivers fishing great and getting better every day.  The main reason for this is due to the cooler, longer nights progressing into shorter, fishier days.  Look for cloudy days to be the best and keep an eye on bug activity as there can be a real smorgasboard out there for the fish to key on.  The Tricos and Psuedoclones (Micro Blue wing olive) will start the day off and the appearance of larger blue wings, mahogany duns, different sized caddis can happen at any time during the day depending on weather.  Typically emergers will do the best depending on which bug is trying to hatch so an arrangement of different sizes and colors of soft hackles, RS2s, and WD40s,  to,"match the hatch", will be the most productive.  

With brown trout spawning throughout the fall it is important to be mindful of busy fish and avoid them and their spawning beds, bare gravel shaped into a divet with gravel piled behind.  Other flies that work in the fall include the standard worms, eggs, leeches, and any big ol' chunk of streamer you want to throw.  Switching size, color, and depth will be key to finding fish for nypmhing and covering water can be a great tactic to get a big one on the streamer.  Spring and fall can be the best times to catch the fish of a lifetime and private property offered through Straightline can provide these opportunities, book it today.

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